Our goals are to partner with organisations in shaping their future and to serve as a comprehensive resource to holistically provide for all matters related to Occupational Risk Management services, specifically Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.

The establishment of INTERFORM (Pty) Ltd stems from the need identified in the market for accessibility to resources and the actual benefit of implementing specialist knowledge within organisations in order to facilitate continuous improvement and growth.

The importance of appropriate Occupational Risk Management cannot be overlooked, and due to its nature being multifaceted, it requires multi-disciplinary inputs from a variety of specialists. The challenge is to achieve a balance that can provide for all the stakeholders’ needs, whilst aligning with the organisation's unique strategy and objectives for the short and long term.

INTERFORM provides Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality risk solutions and opportunities, designed and tailored to secure the future of your business with access to specialists across all industries.


The organisation aims to revolutionise the occupational risk management industry by providing subject matter expert services and introducing advisory solutions to the organisation.

Quality and integrity can finally be achieved simultaneously where two industries are joined to combine the strengths and resources and to ensure world class management to a limitless scope or scale, from local businesses to global conglomerates.


We embark on providing turn-key solutions to the private and government sectors to enable and promote a well-balanced participation in the immediate and exceeding economies.

The enhancement of lives and creation of job opportunities are inevitable by suitable partnering strategies.

"When you have had a taste of excellence, you cannot go back to mediocrity" - Maximillian Degenere